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Prior to your arrival for your first appointment our staff will have sent you a get-acquainted packet which describes office location, insurance information, and information for you to complete for us. This information is also found on this website, allowing you to download the paperwork. We will gladly accept insurance assignment in most cases and file the necessary forms for you. Our staff is eager to research the general insurance benefits for you.

Our desire is to provide a pleasant dental experience by putting you at ease upon your arrival. Don’t be surprised when the receptionist offers you coffee, tea or bottled water! She is there to serve you; if there are any questions you may have, simply ask! We will be prompt in caring for you and meeting your schedule.

In most cases you will have your first dental visit to include necessary X-rays for the doctor, oral cancer screening, health history review and routine dental cleaning with the hygienist. Dr. Cole will then sit down with you and provide a comprehensive dental examination, radiography review, and discuss with you any treatment necessary.

During the examination and cleaning our staff will focus on your needs, making you comfortable with the facilities, and letting you know ahead of time what procedures we will be doing so there are no surprises.

After you have discussed necessary treatment and options with Dr. Cole you will have the opportunity to go over the fees and insurance benefits with Cathy Finazzo the office manager. She will answer any question regarding your benefits and arrange the financials to fit within your budget. She will also schedule any future appointments for your convenience.

We look forward to caring for you!